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I miss my hair like this kinda




My view from my roof

How is this real

click the picture tho.


from my rotten body flowers will grow

and I am in them, and that is eternity

seriously my favorite gif ever
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Anonymous asked: i tried to sell a guy, i was about to have sex with, my playstation.



STRETCH MARK APPRECIATION POST* (lil disclaimer here: these are NOT sexual in any way- these r all taken from the side of my thighs and hips, hella diff angles and hella diff lighting)

Anyways! Stretch marks! Tiger stripes!lighting bolts! Whatever you call them, most of us have them. In cool spots too like our asses n chest n sides n thighs n tummies. There is no shame EVER in bearing these. It’s simply your skin has grown! Do u know how awesome that as?! Your body has proof of you thriving and growing and being ALIVE. That’s metal as fuck. These are metal as fuck. Mine have sadly faded (damn you californian sun) and I didn’t take any of the ones on my boobs (duh). BUT some are more visible than others. Cool. Some are even different COLORS. Some are white, others blue. Some are purple, others red. Some even are raised above the skin! They aren’t restricted to a certain gender or sex either. That’s right I see u fellas and non binary cuties. That’s so fucking beautiful?! Like dude c’mon. Don’t be shamed or embarrassed of something so natural and so normal and so goddamn cute. 

Your body is an entire universe. There is so much going on inside of it. And sometimes we get proof of that externally. You can use some lotion or the sun of cocoa butter or something and get rid of these if you want but honestly pal, there is nothing wrong or ugly in having stretch marks. People of all sizes and shapes and colors and ages have them. We are humans! We are alive!!! Appreciate that silly goose. And then smooch ur marks and flaunt em.
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